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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Village Fabric small business closes by Suzannah B. Troy

Village Fabric, wholesale and retail fabrics that has always kept their prices as low as possible for East Village customers for the last 20 years days are numbered.  The landlord jacked up the rent and has a tenant to come in and pay it.

The owner of Village Fabric can't afford the rent and believe it or not customers have offered to pay a  months rent similar to what I have filmed and posted on YouTube regarding Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen which is part of a YouTube documentary series of mine.

The owner questioned taking  a months rent from a customer because he still would not be able to afford to continue on the next month and the next month.

Another affordable cool store the customers loved is now at deaths door and there are no affordable rents in the area.

Before the mayoral election I wanted to put my political poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg in every empty store front but I was afraid of getting a ticket for each poster and there were so many empty store fronts that Mike Bloomberg even used one on Broadway by the Strand Book store for  a campaign office where I filmed a series of tubes of people protesting Bloomberg and no third term.  Here is just one from the series....

Please note this small business owner like so many others did not get help from city council   Mike Bloomberg in his campaign frenzy suggested loans but what good will loans do in Mike Bloomberg's new hideous New York where greed is good and greed is everything....real people need not apply, you ain't welcome.


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