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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mike Bloomberg flushes democracy away again by Suzannah B. Troy

Note:  I am a very tired artist and activist -- so I am writing stream of consciousness -- my art and it is important to read the last paragraph first if need be about how Mike Bloomberg flushed democracy down the toilet yet again.  Perhaps he is using the mosque to distract the people from what feels like a crime.

While king Mike Bloomberg is busy being a hero to the Muslim world from moderates to extremists that all share his view that we must have a mosque by the World Trade Center site despite the enormous pain it is causing the victims families still not done burying their dead as more body parts have recently been found and who funds their mosque is none of our business -- and folks Mike feels that way about his Cayman Islands investments as well....

and Mike Bloomberg champions yet another unwelcoming sky scraper blotting out more sun and Mother Earth --  that would over shadow the Empire State Building and push more reckless development that I characterize as greedy and stupid.  Why?  Our infrastructure is shot to hell, Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden are responsible for mass displacement and we have a city council were many get kick backs from developers called campaign donations....  Amanda the mega-millionaire city planner goes to the American Indian Museum of all places to pat herself on the back for her mass displacement aiding and abetting NYU, Cooper Union and for Columbia University she supports the abuse of eminent domain displacing an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville.....

but that is not even why I am writing this piece today..

Mike Bloomberg does not want you to know or pay attention to the fact that he and his minion have successfully flushed democracy down the toilet yet again.  Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn and many believe a back room deal -- where she aids and abets him in denying us a referendum and pushes through a third term -- in return king Mike will place his queen Christine as mayor of New York and perhaps he can run the city for a fourth term via Quinn from the golf course!

Read what I wrote about what Bloomberg does not want you to know about a "deal" or a decision made my people he appointed who decided to give city council a third term.  When you get to the posting on my blog....Suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com you will see I list posting after posting of how city council members have abused their position and some like Miguel Martinez would voted to extend term limits admitted he was stealing tax payer money.   I don't have time to give you link after link how investigation in to city council members and staff stealing money where either they plead guilty, some how weaseled out -- sorry to insult weasels or the investigations are still open as in Larry Seabrook as just one example but all the city council members guilty of slush and nepotism, etc. all voted to extend term limits and they get to stay on yet again for a 3rd term without the people of New York City getting to vote on it!!!!!!

Read my piece....



King Bloomberg DOB law suit round 2 NY State Society for Professional Engineers vs. DOB

King Mike has a habit of throwing out the proper requirements for commissioners in city government.  Commissioner Ray Kelly of the NYPD may be the only long standing commissioner that actually worked as a police officer.

Mike Bloomberg tossed out the requirement that the commissioner of DOB have an architectural or engineering degree.   The NY State Society for Professional Engineers took king Mike and DOB to court and lost the first round.

Round two begins September 7th when the case will be appealed in the appellate division.

Stay tuned..


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