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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Elin Nordegren People better seller than Sandra's by Suzannah B. Troy

The new issue of People Magazine due out this Friday will leave the Sandra Bullock cover in the dust in terms of sales.

Speaking of this Tuesday, Sandra Bullock will be on Matt Lauer's tv show but she won't talk about baby Louis or Jesse James; she will only talk about Hurricane Katrina.

Back to Elin and People....apparently she had a lot to say.  Sad thing is is Tiger Woods still doesn't get it and when asked about her thoughts he said "I feel the same way."  Wake up Tiger.  You are not capable of feeling the same way.  Here is the video of Tiger posted on TMZ.

She does talk about insomnia, weight loss and any one going through trauma or mourning a death whether of a person or a marriage can relate.  About half of Americans will get divorced and there are plenty more that want out so this caught people's attention but also because Tiger Woods was such a liar and lead such a dark double life so it will be interesting what happens now that he is free to do what he pleases as long as he doesn't jeopardize his relationship any further.  As these kids get older they will need parenting tips about how to deal with kids taunting them about Woods shocking behavior while married to their Mom.

The People Magazine due out this Friday will see like the Iphone4.  Well not as hot as that but it will be a hot item.  People want to hear what she has to say and what she will do.  How about becoming a model for Adidas?

I would not want to endure what Elin Nordegren did and I feel sorry for the kids.  It is hard to believe she did not lay a hand or a golf club on him.   She has lived the American Dream starting as an au pere and ending up a mega-millionairess.  Good luck and Elin, I just got my nails done.  My nail polish "I am PeaceKeeper" and all the money for Peacekeeper products go to helping abused women....Please do something to help people that are not as lucky as you that can't walk away and take the kids when they need to.

Pride on,


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