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Friday, August 20, 2010

Apple Mac IPhone 4 thoughts from Suzannah B. Troy

I converted to Apple at age 45 and I drank the kool-aid.  You know the early stages of sizzling love when your lover can do no wrong...well almost none...It is like that with Apple and yes I have had so many disappointments with  Apple but still crazy in love.

My senior citizen cat with severe arthritis and with just one eye feels compelled to walk on my my MacBook and leave a trail of fur so first vist Iskin.com which is what I plan to do when I get time and by a techno -skin my words for my MacBook to protect the board from fur, hair balls and me dropping pieces of chocolate all over it...  Iskin also has some cool protective covers for your Iphone 4 but I went with  big bulky ugly cover that I got at the AT&T store with a holder I can slide the cover in to that clips on to my pants.  You turn the cover to face outward to protect the glass.  When I get time I want to make a cool collage with paper, paint, color pencils and packing tape but hey that is me, Suzannah B. Troy artist....

Today I had a series of phone calls drop which was frustrating but I can't express in words how much I love Iphone 4; way better than the 3GS!    Check out more for tips for you Iphone4.
Apple Rules.  Apple is Radical.  I love Apple

Note:  I was at Apple 57th street and an Apple sales MAN treated me lower than pond scum just now and I believe it was gender bias but I still love Apple even if they have bad Apples.


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