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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Staten Island Ferry Crash injuries post by Suzannah B. Troy

1010 Wins reports there was a Staten Island ferry crash and there were injuries but nothing as horrific as the previous one from seven years ago.  There is one serious injury and two police officers on duty were injured as well as a dozen or so people  but  again I repeat nothing like the last ferry crash which was horrifying.

The Andrew J. Barberi hit the pier at 9:20am this morning and just seemed to be approaching too fast and for some reason they could not slow the ferry down.  It is said the throttle failed.

Same boat, same terminal,  a far more devastating crash  that took the lives of 11 people and severely injured some survivors happened October 15, 2003.   It was like deja vu but not as bad thankfully.

Here is the Wikipedia page for the Staten Island Ferry boat crash that resembled a terror attack and even made people think of Sept. 11.  There were many law suits and pay-outs.  Also deeply heartbreaking and a moving story of the young man that had to have both his legs amputated.   His name is Paul Esposito and he considers every day a blessing.  He settled for $8.9 million dollars.  

Of course as usual I have major praise for our 1st responders rushing to rescue the people on this ferry and prayers and healing wishes to all injured.  It does make me think of the Ferry crash from 2003 where so many people died or were injured and that crash did make me think of Sept. 11.  

Staten Island was NYC's "heart" -- this little Island -- like a powerful heart keeping the downtown area alive and going after the horrific day.  So many rescue workers rushed to the WTC after 9-11 and for those that survived many made the trip to the WTC every day digging in the rubble hoping to find bodies or even a small piece of DNA so Staten Island holds a special place in my heart.


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