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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Might Mutts Good Souls post by Suzannah B. Troy

http://www.adoptapet.com/adoption_rescue/75946.html Good hearted 2 legged New Yorkers heart and soul powered to help 4 legged New Yorkers in need! Today it was beautiful and instead of taking the day off these wonderful New Yorkers are taking their big hearts to Union Square to help animals to find homes.  I made a small donation and I have a "Might Mutts" T-shirt I bought a few years back. I am a big time animal lover and one of my most favorite TV shows is "Dog Town" which is can found on National Geographic Channel.  Dog Town is their TV show name but they are actually called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and they rescue all kinds of animals.  For the TV show they focus on dogs and if you have not watched the show keep a tissue box handy.   By the way if you haven't seen their tv series on Michael Vick dogs than at some point I hope you get to because you might come to the opinion I have, he deserved a harsher sentence. For Mother's Day you can donate to a locate pet rescue place like the ones listed above, or Dog Town has wonderful presents that you can actually wear including cool jewelry and help raise money to care for the animals.  I wish every shelter was run like like Best Friends. Here in NY another favorite of mine is City Critters.  I always try to send them a donation as well.  Just love City Critters and one of my adopted loves is from City Critters so I love you CC! Don't forget their are animals that need loving homes and thanks to the people that help out like these wonderful New Yorkers.


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