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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Calling 311 Mike by Suzannah B. Troy artist NYC

I had to call 311 tonight...call it the good citizen thing or what ever. It took a half hour of holding to do what I wanted to do and I can only say this....the people that answer the phone tend to be the nicest people on the planet. Saints...They are so polite and so nice.

It took 20 minutes of holding to speak to the very first extremely kind nice person. She sounded very tired but still very professional and despite her fatigue down right nice....thought to myself she is a good person working hard and it is clearly a busy night. Maybe do to the high winds tonight 311 is extra busy, the high winds have been causing a lot of trouble here in NYC....time to snuggle with loved ones and watch The Wizard of Oz.

The mayor had a good idea, 311 but it doesn't work that well because like everything here in NYC there are not the "dollas" to back up the ideas.

I have to laugh when I think of this funny older white guy with gray hair, a bit nerdy, can't think of his name that shows up to the MTA meetings and always gives Mayor Bloomberg hell. He says to solve the MTA budget crisis all we need to do is hold Bloomberg upside down and shake him. I assume he means like the salt shakers nanny mayor Mike Bloomberg would have us put down even if it takes a gun to our heads except Mike is anti-gun.

Mike 311 is a great idea but it seems like your idea is under staffed and by the nicest of New Yorkers and you can't really make the idea work.

More and more NYC resembles communist Russia with capitialist prices. I first used that term to describe the high price of health insurance here in NYC but now it seems like that is the "state" of NY unless you are a fat cat politico, ruthless in any number of categories etc., just not the category called "the people of New York" aka "the tax payers". At the rate we are going we may be heading towards NYC resembling Greece. Don't worry mayor Mike, I am not talking about grease, greasy food or turning you upside down like a salt shaker to cure our mega-billion dollar deficit. New York City may start resembling Greece more and more and I am not talking about the Parthenon. By the way, did you see The New York Post's coverage of the "protest dog" that shows up for every major riot in Greece?
For non-New Yorkers, our mayor is called the nanny mayor because he wants to make sure we cut down our fat intake, our salt intake, but drinking is okay! That is the one industry he has no qualms with...just look around the streets at night for proof.

If anyone hasn't noticed here in New York, Albany was suppose to balance the budget by April 1. An appropriate day except the tax payers are losing everything dollar and sense except for a sense of humor, perhaps. Maybe instead of a billionaire we should have a comedian for mayor. No forget that. The accidental governor, Dave Patterson always sounded like he was auditioning for Saturday Night Live until he got himself implicated in three scandals, than he lost the bad stand up comedy and he still refuses to step down. Thanks Dave!

By the way getting back to Mike, is there a clause in "New York city gov law" that says if the mayor has a 2nd income and that 2nd income earns over 2 billion dollars that he has to pay a special tax like half of his multi-billion dollar income from his 2nd job...? Didn't think so but I had to ask.

Mike, I want to ask you are we going from a recession to a depression?

Hello, 311, I want to report a budget catastrophe here in NYC waiting to happen like an oil spill in the East River...a disaster...help!

Thirty minutes later I hung up but before doing so I told 311 operator, Angel no. 2, the specialist thank you, praised her but told her I don't like our mayor. Thank you and bless you!


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