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Friday, May 14, 2010

NYU evil empire Avatar comes to mind - Suzannah B. Troy

Please watch my film review of Avatar because I compare the evil greedy people in the movie to developers that would crush our communities and displace the people of this great city and I mention NYU and Columbia University as well as other. NYU mega dormed the East Village to death and led the way for Cooper Union, The New School, NY Law, SVA and other to confuse the Lower East Side with dorm fodder. They do not even need to abuse eminent domain to get the job done. Please walk by 120 East 12th Street to witness NYU's evil dirty work tearing down St. Ann's that survived everything from 1847 all these years except NYU's greed. NYU pretends they are green but every which way they can bust through zoning and block the sun light with high buildings and rip down our historic buildings NYU will do it even participating in an illegal air sale with the USPS over St. Ann's and to date the USPS have never notified the State of NY as legally required when selling air space over St. Ann's. USPS need the money desperately since the USPS is losing mega-billions and NYU needed to ruthlessly tear down yet another historic building and bust thru zoning. Both NYU and the USPS were confident they were above the law and not behold to the community.

Read the article in Crain's about NYU, the Purple Reign of Terror where ever NYU wants to buy up, rent or take-over a neighborhood which includes tearing down historic buildings including Edgar Alan Poe House, St. Ann's, The Province Town Playhouse and there are historical artifacts of more beautiful buildings NYU tore down on the side of Bobst Library to remind us that once the Village had beautiful architecture and NYU clearly has no architecture school or sense of beauty as well as respect for the community and history.

NYU has said they were here first. Actually the American Indians were here and treated far worse than the locals now but it is paid and people are being displaced. My maternal Grandfather was born in a tenement house on the lower East Side in 1904. NYU says they have to expand and they act like real estate property is cocaine and like the greedy corporate demon in Avatar we the people are an inconvenient presence.

For those who don't know Columbia University is abusing eminent domain to move an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville out. NYU and Cooper Union do not even have to abuse eminent domain to bust through zoning and push our community out in favor of soulless banks and chain stores that cater to college kids.

NYU's president John Sexton is paid almost $2million dollars a year and that is really to be a real estate magnate. He and the president of Columbia University are in a fierce competition to see who can buy up as much property, expand as rapidly as possible, push out the communities and use real estate to lure talent like it was cotton candy at Circus.

I even heard an NYU staff member bragging he was given a 100 percent mortgage so yes NYU treats real estate like cocaine the people like the Avatars except they ending is a happy one.


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