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Friday, May 14, 2010

Christine Quinn Goldman Sachs Sullivan Cromwell - Suzannah B. Troy

What do Goldman Sachs and Christine Quinn -- City Council have in common? Sullivan & Cromwell and the need for high priced New York lawyers that specialize in White Collar crime. I include the link for my new YouTube for articles on this and related issues.

What do Goldman Sachs and Christine Quinn -- City Council have in common? Sullivan and Cromwell and high priced lawyers that specialize in white collar crime. The fact Christine Quinn went out and hired Sullivan and Cromwell along with other top dog lawyers that specialize in white collar crime is old news and we would all love to know what is the actually cost to tax payers as of today, this very moment? I have asked The New York Post and The New York Daily News to run a ticker tape of the costs to tax payers by City Council and hey throw in Albany but for now Bill DeBlasio is trying to get City Council to be transparent and post spending on the city government website. For now it has not happened and my new YouTube that is a must see on corruption, NYC politics, Wall Street, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and the fact that little old city council at Christine Quinn’s lead have hired the very same law firm, Sullivan Cromwell as Goldman Sachs one of the most powerful financial brokers and wheelers and dealers but at the tax payers expense. I want Christine Quinn to list each city council and staff member and the price to date of how much their high priced white collar crime defense attorneys cost. Christine Quinn is hugely despised here in NYC for flushing democracy down the toilet aiding and abetting Mike Bloomberg who was urged on by Steve Rattner as mentioned in the awful puff piece book by Joyce Purnick to run or you could use the term steal a third term. Now meetings are in play to discuss a referendum so the voters can vote on if we want city politicians to have a third term since Mike Bloomberg and gang cunningly worked out away to deny us a referendum. This will forever taint Mike Bloomberg’s legacy and their is more to come.

In the mean time Mike Bloomberg wants to do away with public advocate yet again. Stay tuned. FYI: Last night President Obama was snubbed by top Wall Street firms at a high priced fund raiser where some pay as much as $50,000 to attend and among the missing was Goldman Sachs which shows you have powerful the Wall Street firms are and how much they don’t want any rules or limits set in play. Wall Street has a script of how brilliant and generous they are to us mere mortals and they don’t want to be forced off script. Wall Street wants to rule from The White House to Wall Street.


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