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Friday, May 14, 2010

Christine Quinn gets backing? post Donny Moss and Suzannah B. Troy

Dear friends -- gay and straight:

This is frightening.

The Gay and  Lesbian Victory Fund, a nationwide group that helps elect gay candidates to public office, is already campaigning for Christine Quinn for Mayor of NYC in 2013 (see below).    In the months leading up to the election, the Victory Fund will assuredly rally gay people around the country to support her campaign.  The fact that Quinn has betrayed the gay community time and again when it suits her politically; has one of the worst human rights voting records at City Hall; and has been exposed for budget and campaign corruption on multiple occasions does not appear to be of interest to the Victory Fund.

This support of the VIctory Fund, coupled with the fact that Quinn already has a staff of people campaigning for her (compliments of NYC taxpayers), means that we now have to resume our efforts to educate the public about why she should be voted out of office.   

Soon, we will hit the streets again, protesting at her speaking engagements and educating the public (as in the pictures below).    During the last election, this campaign was quite effective, we think.   As you may recall, Quinn was supposed to be re-elected to her City Council seat by a landslide (in her gay district), but she barely won a majority.  After the election, Crain's reported that, "Insiders have largely written off Council Speaker Christine Quinn (for 2013 Mayor), who was damaged by the council's slush fund scandal and extension of term limits, and struggled to win re-election."   But we can't rest of our laurels...

Until our street campaign starts up again, please use any opportunity to educate your friends, co-workers and strangers about why Quinn must go:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXoANkQh93I

And please pass this email along to people who might want to join us.


Donny Moss

Also folks please watch my YouTube series of NYU and The Villager in what appears to be corrupt dealings with the community on behalf of Christine Quinn who they both wanted in office.  The Villager does some feel good stories but they endorsed Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn?  Does anyone know how John Sutter has so much money he can have so many newspapers that he gives away free and please don't tell me advertising.

Also note The Villager's sister paper Chelsea Now removed a link with me speaking at  a City Council Task force meeting on DOB and guess who did not show up? Christine Quinn.  The newspaper made it go away before the very close election where both Quinn and Bloomberg barely won.  If Derr had backed out Yetta Kurland would mostly like be representing the district instead of Christine Quinn.

Gee whiz -- how did this article on City Council task force meeting on DOB vanish  before the election in John Sutter's newspaper Chelsea Now?  http://www.chelseanow.com/cn_12/builtupcomplaintssome.html


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