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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bernard Stollman interviewed by Jaee Logan -- Suzannah B. Troy

I helped Jaee Logan to find his Dad,  Giuseppi Logan through my twenty-one part YouTube documentary series on the legendary jazz musician.    When we spoke I told Jaee you need to make a documentary, a Hollywood film and I even see him writing a book. He flew in from CA to start filming with his friend and fellow musician Bobby who did the filming here. Here is an amazing interview with Bernard Stollman. I feel like Jaee took over where I couldn't really go. My YouTubes tend to be in the park where I first filmed Giuseppi Logan and started changing lives through the miracle of YouTube posting.

If you go to this YouTube link you can find more of the series filmed by Jaee Logan and his friend Bobby.   This clip ends with asking Bernard Stollman about the East Village and about Malcom X who Jaee shares a birthday with.  Giuseppi Logan's birthday is also coming up.

I will be bringing postings of all the YouTube series on Jaee Logan being reunited with his Dad after 40 years.  What is really exciting is this interview with Bernard Stollman and what he has to say about how he came to found ESP record labels and find musical talent.  Also why Bernard Stollman felt compelled to document artists.

As an artist I can' express how important that is.  Stay tuned...I will be bringing you a series of YouTubes and writing by Dan Orth and for jazz lovers you will not be disappointed!!!!!


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