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Saturday, August 28, 2010

True Blood newlyweds pre-Emmy Bash party by Suzannah B. Troy

Hey all you True Blood fans, first the newlyweds Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer showed up for a pre-Emmy bash and the most adorable photo and dish on the hot couple and other celebs is covered by Pop Watch on EW.com

I am looking forward to tomorrow night!!!  How about you?  Here is a clip from HBO.  It is superb, fantastic, beyond thrilling and very, very  short so here is the link!   It is Eric confronting Russell!!!!!!

The back drop is a painting I wish I could get a closer look at and in a very unusual quiet why the clip made me think of Westerns I used to watch as a little girl when I had a crush on John Wayne.  Eric reminds me of a very slender John Wayne but this scene has an odd elegance and beauty packed to the brim with tension!  Is tomorrow night going to get very bloody?

I watched several times already in anticipation.   I even check TV guide listings to make sure True Blood is on tomorrow.  You might want to check out that link if you haven't.  The page has all kind of fun True  Blood references including an update on the actress Lois Smith who played Sookie and Jason's Granny. Check it out.  Enjoy.  I will meet you back here tomorrow night after True Blood.
Fangs away!

Suzannah B. Troy


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