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Saturday, August 28, 2010

President Obama, Stop economic racism in NY against American Indians! by Suzannah B. Troy

You can email President Obama and it is a lot easier than emailing our supposedly techno savy mayor Mike Bloomberg's.   I have also written President Obama via snail mail about NYU and you can read about that as well and I will include the YouTube of me reading the letter as well.

Of course there is a word count so first read my response to The New York Daily News editorial in today's paper.

Dear President Obama:

NY's economy is spiraling downward and I believe it is from corruption and poor leadership but I am asking you to address economic racism by mayor Mike Bloomberg and gov. Dave Paterson against the Seneca American Indians!
It is pure economic racism!

They live on a reservation and they do not have the economic opportunities that Americans have and people use the word casinos like a racist to rationalize not making good and honoring Native Americans but continue oppression and also demonization of Native Americans.

Please confront this racism alive and well in NY!!!!!!!

I also wrote you asking you to pressure NYU to give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they use the term community facility to bust thru zoning yet exclude and displace community members. They were be senior centers, free computers, etc and college kids would see and get involved in the harsh fact people are struggling to live in the communities


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