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Sunday, August 22, 2010

True Blood fairy good? by Suzannah B. Troy

Warning if you have not seen the new episode yet don't read this!!!!

Sookie is a fairy?   My jaw dropped.  We are suppose to believe Bill loves her for her and not her fairy blood.  If  you believe that you believe in True Love.  If you are cynical and the writers have left the door open a crack because dudes or vamps that truly love you for you are not researching your family tree.... Please forgive me my cynicism back to the romance channel.

Stay calm -- we all love the romance between Sookie and Bill and in real life the actors have made it legal. Read my pre-show post...

This episode was jammed packed with so many sub-plots, mysterious creatures still unrevealed but pure trouble and a wicken.  There is too much to talk about but I just love the series...despite the violence and blood which I could do with out.

Tara finally gets closure...hallelujah.  A very good actor bites the dust though.

e Blood fairy good? by Suzannah B. Troy

High on V scenes reminiscent of the first season minus the wild sex scenes...the ones from first season
with Sookie's brother and his than girlfriend mind-blowing...

I do like Sookie and Eric kissing, sorry...it was just a dream... I really like their kissing... but how the ending music about smelling a rat sums it up...darn.

Russell truly bad and what an actor although the entire cast is terrific.

Even the coming attractions were spectacular.

What a sexy soap opera with fangs...  I can't wait until the next episode.   Like the rest of you I wonder how will I make it until season 4 and message to Alan Ball, you better be working on season 5.  I also anticipate a killer cliff hanger to keep very hungry for  season 4...fangs away.....

p.s.  The show does get to the heart of the matter on issues like our first kiss, true love, sexual politics, gay politics and human nature the dark and light sides....


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