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Monday, August 23, 2010

Harold Dow by Suzannah B. Troy

Harold Dow, an African American correspondent,  award winning shining star at CBS died leaving many people admiring his contributions mourning.  Now the breaking news is he may have died because of a severe asthma attack while driving near his home in Saddlebrook, New Jersey.

Harold Dow won 5 Emmys as well as the admiration of his peers including from other networks.  I believe I saw his memory honored by Channel 11 WPIX local news last night which I thought was quite touching.

He had been diagnosed with adult  onset asthma which I wonder if  I may now have the beginning stages of post-Sept. 11 because if I have to run a few short blocks I get burning pains in my throat and upper chest and it feels hard to breath sometimes.

Also note asthma is a huge problem here in NYC and that standing with protestors fighting to keep a firehouse in Harlem open that mayor Bloomberg did close one reason activists said we need the fire house open is to answer medical calls for asthma which are so high in Harlem.

He worked for 40 years for CBS and covered many powerful pieces such as "48 Hours Crack on the Street", won an Emmy for covering the 1988  bombing of  Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland and he was almost killed at the WTC bombing as he reported so he was truly front line.

He will be missed and his contributions honored as well as remembered....


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