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Sunday, August 22, 2010

True Blood vamping hour is almost here by Suzannah B. Troy

I will check back in at 10:00PM NYC time to express myself but gearing up here is some news.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer  are now married. The New York Daily News has all the dish and here is the link rather than me regurgitate it for you.  It is a well written piece with a lovely photo.  Enjoy!
I am surprised Moyer is so much older, been married twice, oops two previous relationships I meant to say, and has kids so that makes Anna a young step-mother.  Believe it or not I thought I saw him on the subway here (around the time of Season 1)  in NYC and he is short.  So is Anna and judging from the Rolling Stone Cover they fit perfectly.  Good luck and most important ehem, smile, is they will be back for Season 4 which you know I am longing for and can't wait for.  I want it to start when this season ends in September.

Here is a fun post from The New York Post:  Arlene is not comfortable being pregnant with evil baby.

Here is my post from yesterday which includes the season schedule.  Enjoy.  See you after tonight's episode....until them fangs away!


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