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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiger Woods, old tiger back sexually too? by Suzannah B. Troy

Golf news outlets and fans are joyfully alerting us "the old Tiger is back?  All of Tiger's supporters must be celebrating I am sure.  One bit of news I have never heard reported is what of his good friends slash enablers.  Where are they today?  Are they still in place and still considered his best friends but no more dirty work needed because there is no wife in play to deceive.   So will his best buddies be helping him to play hard off the field as much as he does on the field?

Tiger Woods is a brand.  As much as I am sympathetic to Elin Nordegren and even more so the children she was wearing Nike from head to toe as if to say I am considering staying in the marriage and I understand how many mega bucks Nike makes for my husband aka Tiger Woods brand.  

Have you noticed Elin has stopped being a walking Nike billboard?  I have.

Elin is no weak victim here.  She has suffered.  I have never been married but I had a series of traumatic events (not a lover) so disturbing I too lost weight, lost hair and could not sleep and believe many other women identify with being victimized and having to find someone way to heal so I will be tuning in for that reason but Elin is unusal.

Elin Nordegren walks away with way more than the top pay-out for a Tiger mistress.  All of Tiger Woods pay-outs came with a provision that the women shut up except for one....his wife.
Tiger Woods gave pay-outs to mistresses not because he cared but only to shut them up.  The mistresses that were not paid to be quiet all made it clear he played with them like barbie dolls and threw them away when done without an apology or a nod.

Elin Nordegren's interview in People will possible break People Magazine records because the global audience wants to hear what she has to say.   As I mentioned in my previous post, it is hard to believe she was clueless but either way Nordegren is a compelling young woman and she comes out landing on her feet and appearing quite strong.

Golf news outlets tout the old Tiger is back.   My question is sexually speaking is the old Tiger back?  If so he many guys will envy him and he should consider becoming a porn mogul in his spare time but if the old Tiger is back it won't be good for Tiger Woods the brand.


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