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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's economic racism against Seneca American Indians by Suzannah B. Troy

I am wearing 2 necklaces, 3 rings and a bracelet with deep spiritual meaning, great beauty and depth all made by American Indians.

Watch my YouTube and hear my outrage.  Also I ask you why are no leaders including President Obama speaking out on behalf of The American Indians and this racist behavior and economic oppression.

Here is some basic economics:  The economic opportunities are so limited because the American Indians live on a reservation.  Unlike king Mike who makes a fortune on going global in every way possible from information services, tech and I am guessing real estate most American Indians do not have the opportunities that Americans have because they mostly live on reservations.

Please do not talk to me about casinos as end all be alls for American Indians because that is another new form of prejudice and stupidity folks which lets people ignorant people right American Indians economic injustices and far worse off.

The American Indians have suffered enough and king Mike and an embattled accidental governor that in my opinion is guilty of ever so gentle intimidation of an alleged victim of spousal abuse are getting away with economic racism.  Paterson objected to Bloomberg's racism comment but joins him in economic racism against the Seneca Tribe and American Indians!

Listen to my YouTube to hear more.

Just a reminder if you do not have time to watch my YouTube -- my jacket with patches in the Sept. 11 Museum has a patch from the Seneca American Indians and why?  Because they ran down immediately after Sept. 11 to help us.  The American Indians helped build the WTC and NYC.  They were there front line for us right after Sept. 11.

The fact this racism is being tolerated right now in New York City is intolerable and I am shocked President Obama is silent as well.

FYI:  King Mike Bloomberg's city planner socialite mega-millionaire Amanda the People's Burden is responsible along with Mike Bloomberg for the mass displacement of New Yorkers; one example, aiding and abetting eminent domain abuse to make the entire community of Manhattanville move for Columbia University's expansion.   I have seen Bloomberg-Burden aid NYU in the tear down of St. Ann's and the push through of the illegal  air sale over St. Ann Church from 1847 by the USPS to NYU.

If the Seneca tribe could have only gotten Mike to do massive real estate dealings and financial dealing for his pals on their reservation than he would be their champion.

Right now Bloomberg needs to apologize and back off.

President Obama where are you in the face of this ugly economic racism?

p.s.  In Mike Bloomberg's private empire heroin is cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes!  

Welcome to Mike's hideous "new" New York!


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