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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bernanke says economy remains vulnerable ? by Suzannah B. Troy

Bernanke says economy remains vunerable? by Suzannah B. Troy

ABC News reports, " The economy is not as bad as expected but far from complete."

Bernanke says we are not out of the woods.... in my words, NYC artist blogger, Suzannah B. Troy and guess what? Bernanke is understating how vulnerable we actually are. Why would I say that?

Number one: Our National Debt! And scarily enough China owns a huge chunk of our National Debt! For those reading my local NYC blog I was making jokes about why would Russia or China need to have spies when they are such big players in our economy. A Russian billionaire bought a huge chunk of the Nets real estate that many of us feel was eminent domain abuse all with the blessing of Mike Bloomberg.

I don't have a lot of time to elaborate why Bernanke is understating our economic distress but I do want to point out the lie that NYC is leading the country climbing out of unemployment. Unemployment is always under reported and of those employed here in NYC -- many are not earning a living wage.

I believe that if Albany does not balance the 9.2 billion dollar deficit soon we will have an economic crisis in NYC equal to a terror attack and I include corrupt politicians held unaccountable bring us to this economic disaster.

I have to run now literally. More later....


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