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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Activist climbs tree City Hall for community gardens by Suzannah B. Troy

Reminder "TREES" that lived their entire lives in Washington Square Park were ripped out and taken away for NYU and Mike Bloomberg's unwanted "improvements".

The New York Times covered activist protesting at City Hall demanding Mike Bloomberg promise to save all community gardens.


Here is the link for the YouTube above -- I do not know why it won't work directly from the blog but the link will work!

I am next.   I am climbing up the same tree and I am not coming down until Mike Bloomberg fires his campaign staff and reimburses the City of New York, Christine Quinn and her staff tell us the people how much tax payer money has been spent on their defense attorneys and democracy is returned to NYC....

FYI:  Best Tree Activist book -- completely inspire you and will make your heart grow!!! Read, embrace the book, hug a tree!!!!!!!  Love and hugs, Suzannah


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