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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bloomberg Staffers EXPOSED by Suzannah B. Troy

So corrupt and more is to be exposed.  Wolfson is such a sell-out dirt bag and how many city council members that voted to extend term limits were and are getting kick backs oops campaign donations from developers?  Way too many...With Wolfson just underscores what a greedy guy he is and he was originally anti-Mike but Mike bought him and now we the tax payers pay Wolfson's 6 figure salary that Mike should pay out of pocket.  THE BIGGEST JOKE IN TOWN -- THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST COMMITTEE.

Above 2 links to The New York Daily News exposing kick backs aka campaign donations from real estate developers and the one directly above ends exposing Christine Quinn -- no Jane Jacobs.

Again Mike Bloomberg blurs the lines between his private and public empire. He had an advertisement on the steps at Grand Central that said "Think Bloomberg". Orwellian. Time to look back and go over how many city council members got kick backs/campaign donations from developers including Christine Quinn and also research the developments. Sounds like it is time for firing staff at city hall and maybe some arrests. Impeach Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. Deputy Goldsmith said no more hiring buddies hardee har...what a joke.

And click here to read another article and this on Wolfson having investments in a company developing The Nets Arena.  Just remember Wolfson is the sell-out behind the most humiliating expensive win in NYC history and helped Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn to flush democracy down the toilet. 

Wolfson disliked Bloomberg as well but Mike bought him like he bought the election and than put him on the payroll at city hall with a six figure salary along with many other campaign staffers on the tax payers back.  It shows Wolfson's greed and why he wants to be where he is willing to compromise his integrity and sell out.  Almost all of the  Bloomberg gang and city council that wanted to extend term limits were and are in bed with developers.  In fact these city council members were exposed receiving kick backs oops campaign donations.  It is all so corrupt, financially and politically incestuous and no paper wants to cover Steve Rattner, his pension fund scandals, the name of his new firm, if and when he gets banned by the SEC and his shunting Mike's money to the Cayman Islands. 

. Wolfson huge sell out -- political whore -- sorry to insult whores exposed and I bet more to come...

More corruption will be exposed stay tuned....

Oh dear...here is more corruption already this morning and it is not even 7AM!


Mike Bloomberg's money manger -- Steve Rattner pleads 5th but the NY Post not telling much so here is my comment

The article leaves out the fact Rattner stepped down from his job as Car Czar he said to spend more time with his family here in NYC.  Is Mike Bloomberg his family?  Everyone else believes he was forced to step down because of the pension fund scandals which would splish splash all the way to the White House. Denial is the new crack cocaine. Rattner wrote a book on rescuing the auto industry and he hopes to still plug the book with the help of his other bf the owner of The NY Times who I believe he also money manages.  Rattner believed Quadrangle would take the fall -- not him so he shifted 5 bill of Mike money out to create a new firm.  What is the name of this new firm? He was wrong Quadrangle disavowed him.  In a pathetic bio on Bloomberg by Joyce Purnick also a gal w/ a book that gets the full support of the NYTimes she points out Rattner urged Mike to run for a 3rd term.  Gee I wonder why? It was a huge conflict of interest for Rattner's company to be involved in pensions and is Steve Rattner a whiz or someone who just doesn't respect limits and the rules?  Rattner has shifted a small amount of Mike's billions for charity to the Cayman Islands and Mike and Steve are less than forth coming on this just like everything else.  Impeach Mike Bloomberg and the SEC needs to ban Rattner.

Click on the link for Cayman Islands -- “QAM Select Investors (Offshore) Ltd.  -- when Rattner tried to set Quadrangle up for the fall he shifted 5 billion of Mike Bloomberg's money out.  Did he shift it to QAM -- is that the new company he created to handle Mike Bloomberg's money?


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