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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

George Bliss Hudson Bicycles W. Village by Suzannah B. Troy

Today in The New York Post -- Page 6 I saw a beautiful photo of Kate Winslet with a hottie male model jogging along side her as she road her tric made by George Bliss.  Her beautiful child was along for the ride.  Apparently these bikes are all the rage with glamourous Moms here in NYC.

George and me reunited -- George and Orvis (I was in love with Orvis now in doggie Heaven) lived across the street from my windows on 12th Street over 20 something years ago!  Go to my blog engine and YouTube and type George Bliss or Hub Station to see more postings!

Joanie Schwarz a beautiful talented photographer checks out Hudson Urban Bicycles formally known as Hub Station!   Here photos are beautiful.  Click on the link and see the photo of the baby!   Oh,  I want the baby and a custom George Bliss tric to bicycle with the kids!!!!!

Hudson Urban Bicycles formally known as Hub Station Soho is back!  For George Bliss admirers check my past postings and YouTubes on him!!!!!!

He has amazing bicycles and unique customs from Denmark and other countries across that big Ocean or he could build you a custom!

You can get repairs, you can rent, you can store your bicycle there, your can urbanize and accessorize your bike!

Come to Charles and Washington Street --- actually 139 Charles Street ---


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