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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NY Post reports mayor Mike's popularity dropping post by Suzannah B. Troy

Read the article from The New York Post....  Below is my comment posted on their website.

Suzannah B. Troy
08/10/2010 4:15 PM
Hilarious and an understatement! In May of last year I posted a YouTube about voter anger and how king Mike might not win. No newspaper including the Post would report on this, my poster lampooning him. My new YouTube predicts Mike is going to have a major meltdown with some news reporter very, very soon. Watch my new YouTube: Mayor Mike Bloomberg trial? Haggerty his Watergate + tax payer $ abuse = Mike Naomi walks away?. My blog piece "Mike Bloomberg trial?" about Haggerty being his Watergate and about Mike going to trial for campaign improprieties as well abuse of tax payer money and hopefully deputy Harris and Wolfson will be co-defendants you think or will Teflon Mike pull a double Naomi - temper tantrum and no jail time?


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