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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Naomi Campbell jail time for perjury? by Suzannah B. Troy

I wrote in my first posting on this topic that Naomi Campbell dug herself in to a deep hole and a reminder she is not in NYC anymore but apparently the Hague is more than likely to let her walk rather than take responsibility which means business as usual for the super model.   Naomi will walk back  to the cat walk rather than serve time but FYI  after being forced to testify and allegedly perjuring her self she went to an exclusive decadent party in Italy.  I would not trade places with her for 10 billion dollars.

According to The New York Post the powers that be  trying Charles Taylor for crimes against humanity have bigger fish to fry.  

Mia Farrow and Naomi's ex-agent both have testified that Naomi has perjured herself.   Charles Taylor's defense attorney's went on the attack trying to discredit Naomi's ex-agent, one of a long list of people that have lived to regret working for Campbell but perjury by a super model doesn't hold a candle to orchestrating mass murder, torture and gang rapes.

If she was a "real person" she could go to jail for perjury but she is "not real" and apparently like endangered animals super models are some how protected and do not go to jail.

Again the global community owes this super model a great debt of thanks for perjuring herself and accepting Blood Diamonds from a ex-dictator, Charles Taylor  accused of using Blood Diamonds to fund murderous wars that included rape, torture and mass murder.   Poor Naomi pleaded ignorance and let her world audience know that she gets presents like this delivered to her all the time.

She excitedly bragged about  getting diamonds from Taylor and also let anyone who would listen know that she was disappointed in the blood diamonds -- dirty -- not by having funded atrocities but for their lack of luster and size.

To read more please go to my original posting.  If you are too busy than read this link that will take you to a powerful brilliant report by NPR with interviews that will give you a view in to Charles Taylor's atrocious both in Liberia and Sierra Leone.    http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=10694264

You will learn about one ray of light in the NPR interview -- Liberia now has a woman president.

Can someone please explain why Nelson Mandela even invited Taylor, a monstrous dictator to a function of his in the first place?   Read my original post to see photographs, video tape and more information on Taylor accused of funding terrorist group Al-Qadea.

Naomi Campbell is living proof ignorance is bliss and super models do not go to jail but what will she do when her beauty fades unlike diamonds, super models have a short shelf life and this latest Naomi bad exposure is not a pretty picture.

Her celebrity has brought attention to an alleged dictator accused of heinous crimes against humanity so well done Naomi even gross stupidity and vanity have their good points when you are super model.


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