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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mike Bloomberg trial? The YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy

Is the mayor King Mike Bloomberg going to pull a Naomi Campbell "double" meaning a major temper tantrum coming soon to a news reporter near Mike and even worse a trial?  Why do I ask?  Well first king Mike has been taking a beating in the press every day from his comments on the FDNY test to the Mosque by the WTC site which is as much an open wound in the heart of so many and literally still way behind in construction.

Here is just a small excerpt from the Mike Bloomberg Mosque speech...Mike Bloomberg said...
“Our doors are open to everyone. Everyone with a dream and a willingness to work hard and play by the rules. New York City was built by immigrants, and it's sustained by immigrants -- by people from more than 100 different countries speaking more than 200 different languages and professing every faith. And whether your parents were born here or you came here yesterday, you are a New Yorker."

But more than half of New Yorkers want Mike to put a sock in his mouth.  Many believe in political freedom and open doors but the WTC is an open wound not near healing...body parts recently found and they want to know where the funding comes from where is a fair question.  Mike disagrees but many of us want to know about Mike Bloomberg's Cayman Island investments and he says that is off limits too.  I believe in religious freedom but I have to ask why would any religious group seek to cause so much pain which is what these Mosque builders are doing.  If you want to heal there are ways to go about healing and building bridges and clearly the Mosque at this time is not the way.

Getting back to my question -- Mike Bloomberg on trial?  Is this is his future and even if so will Teflon Mike be able to make like a super model and simply walk away?  What inspired this question?  

Read on -- Below was posted on my blog

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcpAoSSTEwM   Was it some moron or a paid troll by Mike Bloomberg's corrupt staff harassing me this afternoon on my YouTube slamming Joyce Purnick.

The troll thinks I am jealous of Joyce Purnick and Mike Bloomberg.  No, they are part of an exclusive corrupt club bent on keeping the truth from being told.   His comment reminded me that if there is a trial down the road where Mike Bloomberg finally has to spill the beans than perhaps Joyce Purnick will be forced to testify.  You read her phony piece of garbage posing as a bio on Mike Bloomberg she -- oops forgets to mention Steve Rattner was perhaps forced to step down from his job at The White House as Car Czar...he said and she wrote to spend more time with his family but we all believe because of the pay to play pension fund scandals that had splished splashed all the way to The White House so Steve Rattner had to go.

Is Mike Bloomberg considered "family" because Rattner spends an enormous amount of time with Bloomberg here in NYC and Bloomberg stands by his man even now despite Steve Rattner having to plead the 5th so many times that The NY Post listed him under their "Losers" list -- ouch!  But that won't hurt Steve as much as the SEC actually banning him.   Unlike Dave Patterson walking away when he should be preparing a defense for intimidating a victim of spousal abuse in to silence -- Rattner may not be able to walk away and...if he is banned than once again Mike Bloomberg is going to have to shift that darn 5 billion he uses for charity or to buy votes and favor -- as 3 million was exposed by The New York Times the other day.

So let us say because of conflicts of interest and Mike Bloomberg holding the purse strings to the DA's office -- that the trial had to moved -- kicked out and up to a higher court or Haggerty exposing something that even Bloomberg and friends like the other guys Steve Rattner money manages that happen to own major newspapers can't cover up or silence or simply not report -- than Bloomberg may no longer be Teflon Mike anymore....

It would be so wonderful to see Purnick forced to testify in court -- did she know that Rattner was being investigated and if so why did she not mention that in her puff piece posing as a book and her good pals, Mike's good pal and Steve Rattner best friend Arthur Sulzberger Jr./The New York Times helped plug Joyce's book -- that did point out one very important piece of evidence if their ever is a trial -- STEVE RATTNER URGED MIKE BLOOMBERG to run for a third term!

I am angry and disgusted -- I called it before anyone that the mayoral election may come with some big surprise and I was so right on - Bloomberg barely won and the media had to go off script and report the truth finally -- I was laughing watching them bumble it -- they were way ahead of themselves rushing to go to Bloomberg's campaign head quarters to celebrate and oops they had to go off script and finally report the truth and what I had reporting on YouTube all along!!!!!!

Watch this YouTube and look at the date -- way before the election and the media refused to cover my art work -- the work I did postering communities -- 

I tell you -- do not believe the story the press are telling you -- the people of New York are incredibly angry....watch and that is one of many YouTubes I made!  By the way all my YouTubes 334 at the time were all removed from YouTube a month and half before the election.  My theory -- a paid troll hired by Bloomberg to harass and cyber stalk the anti-Bloomberg resistance on YouTube and the internet was also responsible for my hard work being removed....my entire body of work. 

Look at the title of My YouTube - I called it predicted it and to date have gotten zero acknowledgement for this and my brilliant art poster lampooning Bloomberg.  Jealous of an elite club of corrupt people that played dirty no way.... just very angry!

From: Suzannahartist | May 04, 2009  | 242 views

House of Mike Bloomberg is a tumbling down...Steve Rattner pleads the 5th amendment over and over

I could see Mike being tried for campaign irregularities and also for abusing - misuse of tax payers money.  So far Teflon Mike has the luck of super model Naomi Campbell.

Is Haggerty the E. Howard Hunt of the Bloomberg Operation? Frank Morano wants the Board of Elections to investigate the Indy Party.

Trial?  What trial am I talking about?  Well Mike on trial but first the question is is Mike Bloomberg's campaign irregularities so far exposed by the John Haggerty indictment going to turn out to be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate and if so I could see mayor Mike going to trial because of campaign irregularities as well as way too many daily exposes on how he is abusing tax payer money.  He is not alone but he is the richest man in New York and the mayor so it looks really, really bad.  Christine Quinn, Mike's mini me,  has hired top defense attorneys for herself and her staff even approving Sullivan & Cromwell for some of her staff, a firm Goldman Sachs uses and tax payers have to pay for these top defense attorneys.  No wonder city council and their staff have been so successful avoiding prosecution although Miguel Martinez to date is the only "honest" one -- honest enough to say he was stealing from the get go.


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