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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Andrew Cuomo running NYC round-up post by Suzannah B. Troy

I have good and bad news.  Let us start with the good news.  In the smallest and humblest ways, sharing a impromptu birthday celebration with Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins today was wonderful.  That is NYC at it's best.  People thought this jazz great was dead but he is alive and composing and playing.  I rocked the jazz world when I posted a stirring rendition of Begin the Beguine on YouTube.
Good news, Andrew Cuomo has finally declared his candidacy for governor and I believe it is a shoe-in but the down side is he is inheriting a mega-mess and corrupted "gov" from Albany to City Hall and New York may be heading towards a depression if we aren't officially in one yet.
Good luck Andrew.
Now for the really bad news.  If you want to stab someone or a couple of people to death than NYC is the place to be and simply say it was self defense.
The reporter from The New York Times does not interview the two victims families so we never hear their side.  The people that were murdered were rude and offensive and thew a bag with bottles but I believe they were murdered and the murderer and  knew what he did and that was why he fled.

 Maybe New York needs to do better recruiting for the District Attorney's office?

 Also remember Keyanna Jones?  If you don't let me introduce her memory.  She was a stunningly beautiful teenage girl.  Please click on the link to see her beautiful smile face.  This beautiful African American girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time,  murdered by a man being teased and harassed by teenagers that exited the bus with him.  Keyanna had nothing what so ever to do with these teenagers. Maybe the news reporters got it wrong but as I understood it, she had no weapon.  Her last words were words of peace and she was murdered because this guy was being harassed by a group of teens  and she happen to walk up to the bus stop with her friend and witnessed the madness pouring out on the street and called for calm and was stabbed to death in the heart!!!! The murderer of a girl more than half of his age walked.

 The mayor talks about guns but look how people are being stabbed to death and walking free. Take a moment and look at Keyanna Jones's beautiful young sweet face...read the story and explain how her murderer walked away clear and free.

My letter in The New York Daily News
Words to the wise

Manhattan: Keyanna Jones, age 15, died speaking pearls of wisdom and peace ("'God takes good ones,'" June 27). Fragile egos and false pride are driving up the murder rate.

Suzannah B. Troy

I do not believe he will walk free since he has a record and sometimes grand juries, juries and judges get it right but apparently not soon enough because another beautiful teenage girl died in New York City.  Apparently even staying home doesn't mean your safe.

Andrew Cuomo and anyone currently in office  who is not a lame duck, or too busy stealing tax payer money really needs to step up to the plate calling for "peace on the streets" as well as for Albany to balance their budget which was supposed to be done April 1st.  

Welcome to New York.  


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