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Sunday, May 23, 2010

SoHo Journal Teflon Mike DOB Violations - Suzannah B. Troy

SoHo Journal has a banner up top  for Sohopolitics.com  that states, "read what other publications and media won’t report".  Right now there are a bunch of blog postings on Goldman Sachs and also St. Vincent’s.  You may want to check the postings out.
I keep returning to Stieg Larsson’s book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but the real title is “The Men Who Hate Women” and the focus is misogyny, corruption from government to the Financial Sector.  I’ll get back  to the books and films based on Larsson’s trilogy plus one in a moment.
My YouTube on mayor Mike Bloomberg, Teflon Mike hits on corruption and a citizen that want to fight dirty landlords with  a data base.    this guy wants to make a database of landlords with DOB violations and sell them to banks to discourage the banks from giving them loans.  
Guess who has a complete data base on all violators including landlords, developers and contractors but DOB, (the dept. of building) and ECB (environmental control board)?
Answer: The City of New York!   Yes, the City has an impressive Data Base that Google might envy and for all we know Google may be “ eavesdropping” or should I say “spying”   since Google is  the “mega-Terabytes --Tree of knowledge”.  I picked “Terabytes because it sounds like “terror bites” but Google just recently apologized for peeking into people’s personal communications so what is to stop Google from helping it’s self to any information from City gov.  to  helping power brokers...like, um,  Mike Bloomberg, teflon Mike?  Mike and Google. Just a frightening thought and an aside and now back to NYC and data bases.
The City of New York has powerful data bases and an ordinary citizen came up with the idea of making his own data base of landlord violators to try and help shut them down but in theory isn’t that the job of the City of New York?
Why is it the City of New York refuses to shut down violators if they are landlords, contractors and developers?   I am told their violations combined -- DOB and ECB maybe close to a billion dollars....I was told this off the record by activists and that the city doesn’t collect the mega-millions owed and refuses to shut them down.  
Shutting down landlords, developers and contractors is bad for business... Hey, they have to earn a living but the peoples’ rights they violate and force to live in squalor or displace them through harassment and shady legal means that the law and very  deep pockets  make hiring thugs unnecessary is just fine.   In NYC, often those with the deep pockets win.
The people can expect to be ticketed up to their eyeballs for every kind of parking violation imaginable.  One friend told me her neighbor was screaming about get a parking ticket in Queens for parking in a legal spot.
The City of New York is suppose to serve the people of this great City but it seems to serve the people that violate and  exploit this great city.
I was writing about the fourth book and posted this before The New York Times Magazine came out with their article today on Stieg Larsson but reading the article it sounds like Larsson’s father, brother and a best friend are men that hate women.  They treat Larsson’s life partner, Eva Gabrielsson,  like Lisabeth Sander.  I have a question.  Why is the fourth book on her computer?
I am glad the book is on her computer.
And also it is amazing to me that Mike Bloomberg is Teflon Mike.  For me for too long it has been like watching “Being There” but is a NYC horror film and the Peter Sellars character, Chauncey Gardiner  is above average intelligence Teflon Mike...as far as I am concerned he stole a third term.  The tsunami of community crushing development on old New York’s infrastructure a Bloomberg horror show, mass displacement and making deals and promises with Unions and community groups, the pension fund scandals including his personal friend and money manager Steve Rattner and so much more that just doesn’t seem to stick to Teflon Mike, at least not yet....


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