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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mayor Mike's free rides on "Air Bloomberg" post by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Bloomberg gives free rides on "Air Bloomberg", his private jet to NYC staff including Christine Quinn and the  Conflict of Interest Board refuses to comment!

The Conflict of Interest Board -- the biggest joke in town because this board which does exist -- almost never thinks anything is a conflict of interest.

Remember "The Conflict of Interest Board" said it was not a conflict of interest for City Council to vote themselves a raise?  The Conflict of Interest Board said it is not a conflict of interest for City Council to vote themselves a raise!  Yeah, right!!!!!

The press was like one large monolith protecting Mike Bloomberg's "purchase" of a third term but now articles are beginning to appear that show king Mike in less than a shining light.

Adam Lisberg's embarrasses Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and even NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly and his wife all getting free rides on Mike Bloomberg's private jet! Yikes.

Lisberg writes, "We only know about Kelly's and Quinn's trips because they mentioned them to reporters. Who else is in the mayor's debt after taking a free ride on Air Bloomberg?"

Adam Lisberg writes he learned about this from reporters because free rides on "Air Bloomberg" left no paper trail by any city official and family members/friends being flown around the world courtesy of Mike Bloomberg.

My question is when did reporters learn about this? Did they know about this in Mike's 1st term, 2nd term or 3rd term, or all of the above and why is this coming out now...finally.

I am saddened to read this.


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