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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The New Tompkins Square Park? by Suzannah B. Troy

Tompkins has recently looked "old school" as if heading back to the riot days....heard on the street from the other night  from a non drug-user/ booze- abuser which makes about a total of 4 people in the park at night hopefully not including the plain clothes cops hanging out....

He said to me...as the evening wore on the NYU students started to leave....and their spaces on the bench  were filled with drug addicts, it was throw back from the old days....there was folks just nodding out all over the concrete... laid out on heroin...

NYU students hanging out in Tompkins and heroin users nodding out are both nightmares for me but this vibe today was different....it felt like perhaps -- the New Tompkins....?

This morning the presence associated most with drugs was not there....and I say associated because I really don't know...just the vibe was different today.

I did see Marlene longterm homeless woman with a demeaning street name Hotdog walking down the street in bad shape just getting in worse shape so obviously in need in of care she won't be getting and rehab she is still resisting....

How do you keep the beauty and soul of the East Village -- hold on to the character and characters....not easily....especially under Bloomberg....
Still it is a beautiful day.


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