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Friday, August 13, 2010

NYU the evil empire by Suzannah B. Troy

NYU's president John Sexton was reported in the NY Post to earn 1.8 million dollars and that doesn't include plush real estate he must enjoy courtesy of NYU. NYU spends big money beating down our communities law suits. Look at 120 East 12st. You will see the facade of St. Ann's from 1847 hanging like an Albatross around the newest hideous NYU mega dorm. NYU mega dormed the East Village and king Mike Bloomberg, Amanda Burden a socialite mega millionaire we call the wicked witch of the East Village and the people's Burden are responsible for mass displacement of an entire neighborhood called Manhattan-ville for Columbia University uptown. Downtown, Mike, Amanda and John Sexton have done everything but NYU buses and trolleys and trains to move long term community members out to make room for the unwanted expansion of NYU. NYU's greed to shove as many NYU students in to CITY is like a drunk driver behind the wheel of car. Enough is enough!!!!

Go to my blog search engine to read more about the illegal air sale over St. Ann's by the USPS to NYU and the USPS is above the law ditto for NYU -- they got away with it and you can figure out  NYU's motive to push the air sale through without the State of NY examining is this in the best interest of the community.  NYU's attitude is screw the community and their needs we need more and more real estate for our mega dorms.

No wonder John Sexton ran down to City Hall to testify king Mike Bloomberg must have a third term.   Mike Bloomberg is a real estate developer mayor and NYU is a real estate magnate.


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