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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lindsay Lohan out of rehab early? by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Post reports Lindsey Lohan may get sprung early from rehab.  Why use the word "sprung"?  To underscore she was not there of her own choice.  Lindsey Lohan had not hit bottom and decided she must enter rehab.  It was part of a prison sentence of which she did not have to fully serve and if she gets out early with rehab there is not doubt she will fall back to her old destructive ways.  Why?  She continues to get the message she is special and therefore does not have to talk responsibility.

Besides the many legally prescribed drugs she is alleged to be taking she has been abusing other substances at least according to rumors as well as booze.   Who knows if she was allowed to take prescription drugs in rehab?  Who cares?  Well her family and friends will if she ends up being another young celebrity that dies of a drug over dose or accidentally murders an innocent person while driving drunk.

Lindsey Lohan getting out early for a rehab she was sentenced to is a wrong message to send out to the public and most of all it is the wrong message to be sending to Lindsey Lohan herself.  Keeping her there is the right thing to do.  First it was part of her sentence and secondly doing so may say her life and innocent lives of potential victims she could kill accidentally of course while driving drunk.


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