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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mike Bloomberg NYU "Inside Lobby Work" dirty deals by Suzannah B. Troy

Read the article which exposes two part times commissioner for mayor Bloomberg for being full time and lobbyists.    Joseph Goldstien writes:

"Landmarks Preservation Commissioner Margery Perlmutter is on New York University's payroll to lobby for the school's large-scale expansion -- which first needs a green light from Perlmutter's commission, according to lobbying records."


"Perlmutter and two of her colleagues at the Bryan Cave lobby firm have been paid more than $42,000 by NYU to lobby the Landmarks Commission and seven other agencies for approval to build in the heart of Greenwich Village. Among its plans is a 385-foot skyscraper."

The conflict of interest committees is the biggest joke in town and by the way king Mike appoints the people who refuse to do their job.

I have had words with Mike Bloomberg twice in my life and both at city hall.  The 2nd time was caught on YouTube, "Mayor Mike Bloomberg gives Suzannah B. Troy the thumbs up as she yells "Oust the king!" City Hall".  The first time I did not know how corrupt he was and so committed to NYU's expansion at the expense of the community  along with Amanda the peoples Burden, his socialite mega-millionaire city planner.  I asked mayor Bloomberg to come visit the E. Village, Lower East Side and Bowery and he said he did and last time he mentioned how much he supports NYU and he said the people nearly lynched him.  NYU rents a pink building on the Bowery next to the homeless shelter and has signs asking them to not loiter in front of their dorm.  Visit 120 East 12th Street and see the facade of St. Ann's from 1847 like an albatross reminding views NYU has ruthlessly torn down our historic buildings as NYU mega dormed the East Village to death.  Thank you to The New York Post for exposing so much corruption but when is there going to be a trial?  See my 2 new YouTubes Mike Boomberg trial? and Christine Quinn for mayor Mike's mini me.  If you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term vote for Christine Quinn.  She takes huge kick backs aka campaign donations from developers.

Christine Quinn is no Jane Jacobs who fought for the people.  Christine Quinn has sold her soul and the people of New York to developers like Mike Bloomberg but he did more buying than selling.

Note:  New Yorkers are calling me and stopping me in the street asking me what is happening with the NY City Council Slush found scandals?  I bring all this up because reading this article in The New York Post and also being asked questions about slushy city council members as well as city council members stealing tax payer money the question is are any high ranking city officials going to jail any time soon?

Here I am calling  State Attorney's Office Southern District and telling my YouTube audience about it.

Thanks to True New from Change for sending me this article from The New York Post.


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