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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff kills himself by Suzannah B. Troy

Philip Markoff killed himself in prison today and his victim Julissa Brisman's family is reeling from the news.  Markoff's "self-murdered" on what would have been his one year anniversary to finance Megan McAllister if he had married her.Markoff committed suicide and it was gruesome.  I read some where a prison guard thought his higher education in medicine and understanding of anatomy  gave him an edge over other prisoners but he sliced himself up --  I heard two different reports -- one he slit his wrists and the other there were wounds to his legs but the bottom line was his suffocated himself with a bag over his head and there was also a lot of blood.

As a woman that has a blog called "Misogynist NYC" I have a different take on this gruesome "self murder" than other reports you read.

I can't imagine how the family of his victims felt when they were given the news but today perhaps they felt some relief or justice that he actually murdered himself.

On my Misogynist blog I talk about the hostility and violence is directed at girls and women.

We are warned to be careful of strangers as children and getting together with men has it's risks but his fiance, Megan McAllister thought she knew him and she was clearly wrong so do you really know people?  How are murderous people able to hide their dark sides or are there red flags that people are missing.

By the way I read The New York Post every day and the reporting on corruption in NYC politics and State and City government is tops but the newspaper has to be the most misogynist paper in New York.
The header for the report on Markoff, "Masseuse murderer dead in jail".  If there is a way The New York Post can demean and degrade a woman dead or alive the paper will do it.

Julissa Brisman was a beautiful young woman and she did not deserve to die this way.  I have license in massaged therapy and I worked very hard to get it.  I have massage babies to people with AIDS and even given gentle massage therapy to people dying so.  In NYC we insist on the title "massage therapist".  Of course The New York Post want to sexualize and sleaze it up and maybe even subtle put the blame of her own death on her.

The New York Daily News reports Markoff robbed escorts believing they would not report him to the police but Brisman fought back so he killed her.  Even now this story seems unbelievable.  I am sure some screen writer is busily writing a script right now to pitch.  I would not want to watch a movie on this horror story but it is a cautionary tale.

If he had not been caught and kudos to the police and investigative work that got him behind bars than perhaps he would have continued his successful facade as finance and married McAllister only to murder her down the road.  He successfully hid his true nature from his fiance so although we are warned to be careful of strangers -- you have to be judicious of people you know -- or should I say people you think you know.


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