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Friday, April 30, 2010

Claudia Shear in Restoration NY Theatre Workshop rocks the house! post by Suzannah B. Troy

I love Claudia Shear.  I loved her in "Blown Sideways through Life" which I saw with my friend David Kaufman.   I love her as Mae West.  I loved her tonight in Restoration.  I am her mother.  No we are the same age (well almost).  Claudia represents very passionate outspoken women, brash, intense, New York....did I say passionate?     Add brazen to brash and passionate!!!!!

The play is about restoring Michelangelo's David and beauty and perfection in contrast to how imperfect humans are and how lonely.     There are the Bill Gates of  beauty and in contrast the star of Restoration although she is "rich" metaphorically -- her interior life  ---  she is gifted with a good heart, a brilliant mind and a burning passion for her work.  She spends a lot of time with a really handsome security guard played by Jonathan Cake who is almost a living breathing David and the supporting cast was very good with a special nod for the  prof. and mentor played by Alan Mandell.

Well done and I have to say it one more time.  I LOVE CLAUDIA SHEAR!!!  She can play me anytime but she has to act a lot taller!!!!!


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