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Friday, April 30, 2010

Albany's budget crisis & why is the gov still here? posted by Suzannah B. Troy

Not a hot topic but just wondering if Albany is getting any closer to balancing the budget and also why hasn't the governor resigned....just wondering?

The accidental gov. needs to have resigned quite a while ago and make spending time with his defense attorneys his number one past time.   

New York City is in for very harsh cuts and for a long time their have been voices raised here calling for NYC to secede from the State.   Just had to bring a touch of humor to an economic disaster here in New York.  The 9 billion dollar deficit was suppose to be balanced by April 1 and their are Albany politicos so embroiled in scandals that defense attorneys are a priority not serving the people of New York.

The people of New York are not near the top of the list when it comes to politicos and their self serving agendas and inflated egos.    Tune in more to come on this topic.


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