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Friday, March 2, 2018

Electronic Paper Dress At [ CES 2018 ]

Electronic Paper Dress At [ CES 2018 ] - Video

Get ready for color-changing clothes and 'living wallpaper': DNP unveils futuristic electronic paper displays alongside breath-activated 'sensing wall' At CES, the firm displayed its ‘Living Wall’ on the outside of the booth, divided into alternating diamond shapes that flashed black and white. Poised in front of it was a dress that did the same, with long strips of the flashing material. But, surprisingly, the effect was nothing like the strobe-light it might seem. Instead, the Living Wall seemed almost subdued, with no glaring lights that put stress on your eyes. This is because it relies on technology from E-ink, the same company that supplies for Amazon’s Kindle. ‘The good thing about e-paper is that it is flexible and can come out any shape you want,’ a DNP exhibitor told Dailymail.com. ‘It’s very low power, so since it’s not emitting light, it’s less stressful for your eyes even if you are gazing at it.’ Thanks To Lance Ulanoff https://twitter.com/LanceUlanoff


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