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Friday, February 2, 2018

Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks Defended Herself From Intoxicated Elaine Brown Says Source

Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks Defended Herself From Intoxicated Elaine Brown Says Source - Video

Oakland Councilmember Delsey Brooks Defended Herself From Intoxicated Eliaine Brown Says Source Desley Brooks, the Oakland District 6 Councilmember, is the victim of a not just an angry Eliaine Brown, but a civic social system that has become toxic because it's incredibily immature. It's not happy until it finds someone to destroy for reasons as small as, in this case, fearing a strong black woman. The Oakland Politics of yesterday (specifically 2000 to pick a year) was mature and such that two councilmembers or activists who vehemently disagreed with each other at City Council would get together at a bar or restaurant, talk about the issue, and then laugh about it all. Now former Oakland City Councilmembers John Russo and Ignacio De La Fuente were great at that. Moreover, the media who covered the Oakland City Council also broke bread with the councilmembers on a regular basis. A small dust-up at an establishment was always brokered by cooler heads back then. Not so, today, and it's sad. Oakland Politics of the second decade of the 21st Century has degenerated into a constant set of personal battles allowed to fester without the encroachment of the cooler heads I referred to earlier. And because the disgreements between these prominment Oaklanders don't have anyone intervening to make things better, they degenerate such that the legal system is used as a weapon. This happened in 2013, when then-Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby attempted to blame Oakland Councilmembers Larry Reid and Desley Brooks for the same action of calling City of Oakland staffers on a matters related to their council districts – that actions's called “tampering” But, as De La Fuente has said repeatedly, “tampering” was done by every Oakland elected official over the last 20 years (or more), and “we should all be in jail.” Brooks and Reid survived that silliness. But now, Brooks, who's up for reelection (and has already racked up a ton of endorsements), is the focus of calls for censure – by the media. This in the wake of a restaurtant disagreement. One that has not been reported correctly, according to my source. Contrary to what you may have read, this is what I was told happened between Eliaine Brown and Desley Brooks, October 30th, 2015: At Everett and Jones Brown came over to join Brooks and a person named Len Turner. While Brooks and Turner were talking about something else and not the housing project (contrary to reports), Brown started talking about her housing project. I was told that Councilmember Brooks never talked about that or brought it up – Ms. Brown did. My source said that Desley remarked that the project would not solve the homeless problem and said that “we need to multiple things - new construction, and acquisition. My source says that Brooks remark “set her (Brown) off . Brown gets mad at Delsey. My source explains that Brown said something such that Brooks remarked "I thought you were supposed to be the revolutionary” (referring to her Black Panther Party past). This was said to have made Brown mad. So, Desley turns her back to the allegedly intoxicated Brown and stops talking to her in an effort to avoid her and in the hope that she would back down. Then Brown picks up her phone and says the b-word to her assistent Shelli Garza, but with Desley's back turned but well within earshot. The Everett and Jones waitress brings Elaine Brown's check over to her. As she gets up from the table, my source explains that Brown then turns and starts yelling at Delsey "You Bitch. Lesbian. Dike!”. And at Brooks out loud in front of everyone at Everett and Jones. My source said that Dorothy King saw it – and tried to get Desley Brooks out of the way of Brown. Only when that happened my source said that Desley did not know Elaine was in front of her. So, Eliane and Desley wind up walking to the back area of the eatery side-by-side and with Brown poking her several times in the arm, harder each time. Brooks feared that Brown, who later said she hated Brooks for 10 years, was trying to hurt her, so Brooks pushed her away. But my source says that Brooks did not intend to push Brown into a set of tables and chairs – she was just defending herself. With all of this, it's purely amazing that the City of Oakland didn't rush to court to file an appeal, but it's even sadder that there's no leader in Oakland who would step up to the plate to bring the two together and make amends. There's no mature voice. This is where Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf can and should be the mature voice. Stay tuned. PLEASE INVEST IN ZENNIE62MEDIA VIA PAYPALHERE: http://ift.tt/2u7j8De


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