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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Anne Kirkpatrick Oakland Police Chief Promised Reform, Keeps Status Quo

Anne Kirkpatrick Oakland Police Chief Promised Reform, Keeps Status Quo - Video

Anne Kirkpatrick Oakland Police Chief Promised Reform , Keeps Status Quo On January 5th, 2017, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced she was hiring Anne Kirkpatrick to be the new Oakland Police Chief. This was done after months of community meetings and interviews with many candidates. And rather than elevate the popular Danielle Outlaw from the rank of “deputy” to become Oakland's first female (and black female) chief of police, Schaaf brought in an outsider: Anne Kirkpatrick. At first, Anne Kirkpatrick sounded all of the right bells, saying she was “interested in reform.” But perhaps Police Chief Kirkpatrick gave us a preview of her real intensions when she said she was “interested in reform”, rather than 'will implement reforms' – because to be interested means one thinks reform's something to consider, but 'will implement reforms' means change is coming, period. Not only has Police Chief not made change, she's kept on many of the same bad egg police officers who were behind the Oakland Police Officer Sex Scandal. The same one where the City of Oakland wound up coughing up $1 million to Jasmine Abuslin, the victim at the focus of the scandal. And not only did she keep them on, she gave some of them promotions. In other words, they got thanks for screwing with an under-age girl on company time and with Oakland taxpayer money. And in the latest controversy in the young tenure of Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, she is accused of making false statements, of working with Mayor Schaaf to spearheaded the removal of the OPD report from the Oakland City Council Agenda this week – the one on the events behind an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid that took place in West Oakland on August 16th 2017. The ICE raid set forth a series of actions to dissolve the contractual relationship between ICE and OPD – one that existed in contradiction to Oakland City Council desires. Thanks to Oakland City Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan and Desley Brooks, I have the report that was taken off the public record, and have placed it for public view here: http://ift.tt/2ADeI7s Kaplan said “I think it's inappropriate to try to hide this report and vital that we clearly protect our community from “ICE”. She's right. And not alone. A group of Oakland Residents – Bryan Hofer, Tracy Rosenberg, Rev. J. Alfred Smith, Margaret Cunningham, Pamela Drake, Sharon Rose, Judith Stacey, and Linda Olvero – filed a complaint against Chief Kirkpatrick, claiming that she made a series of false and misleading statements covering up the Oakland Police involvement in the ICE Raid in West Oakland. Read: http://ift.tt/2yv73Hb The cover story the complaint points to is in the report that was pulled from the City Council agenda, and claims that OPD's only role was in traffic control to protect residents while ICE conducted a service of a search warrant. That was not true, because the complaint filed contains a copy of an August 16th 2017 record of deportation of a man named Santos Alberto who lived in West Oakland. In other words, ICE was going to get and deport Mr. Alberto, and got the Oakland Police Department to help. This, in full violation of the Oakland City Council's stated policy of refusing to assist such immigration enforcement actions. This seems to paint a picture of an Oakland Police Chief who says one thing and does another. For example, Police Chief Kirkpatrick promised police reform, but according to the Chicagoist, Kirkpatrick, up for consideration as Superintendent, and retired Spokane Police Chief, wrote a job response that basically said she was a believer in Stop and Frisk and the methods advocated by New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, and wrote that police could police themselves. Considering that Chief Kirkpatrick gave OPD Sex Scandal-involved officers promotions, it's clear she has no intent on reforming the troubled department, and believe Oakland police officers can and will police themselves. Is this why the Mayor hired her? Stay tuned.


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