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Sunday, September 10, 2017

RARE 1979 STAR TREK: The Motion Picture PREMIERE!!

RARE 1979 STAR TREK: The Motion Picture PREMIERE!! - Video

Owing to the rush to complete the film, STAR TREK: The Motion Picture was never screened before test audiences, something Director Robert Wise later regretted. The director carried the fresh print of the film to the world premiere, held at the K-B MacArthur Theater in Washington, D.C. Roddenberry, Wise, and the principal cast attended the function, which also served as an invitational benefit for the scholarship and youth education fund of the National Space Club. While thousands of fans were expected to attend, rain reduced fan turnout to around 300. The premiere was followed by a black-tie reception at the National Air and Space Museum. More than 500 people—consisting of the cast and crew, working members of the space community, and the few "hardcore Trekkies" who could afford the $100 admission price—filled the museum. The film was the first major Hollywood adaptation of a television series that had been off the air for nearly a decade to retain its original principal cast.


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