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Friday, September 8, 2017

Las Vegas Jobs Activist Stanley Washington Update On Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium

Las Vegas Jobs Activist Stanley Washington Update On Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium - Video

Las Vegas Jobs Activist Stanley Washington Update On Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Just got off the phone with Stanley Washington. Mr. Washington is the communty activist who's led the effort to get jobs for African Americans and people of color who want to work on building the Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium. When last we talked before today, Mr. Washington intenselt expressed his displeasure with the Raiders seeming lack of interest in fullfiling the requirements of The Southen Nevada Tourism and Investment Act (SNTIA) for a community benefits plan. The original idea of the community benefits plan was to incorporate a $100 million job set-aside – but that was a verbal contract made between Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands Corporation and a group of minority contractors. A prelude to an affirmative vote for what became the SNTIA. Since then, and with Adelson's depature due to Raiders Owner Mark Davis and Raiders President Marc Badain's perceived atttempt a double-cross, the verbal contract has not been honored. And that's because, according to Washington, Badain told the minority contractors “that deal was with Adelson, not the Raiders.” In other words, $100 million investment as part of the community benefits plan, according to Mr. Washington. Since then Washington has held his planned Labor Day Rally for Jobs, but was disappointed with the turnout: only “just over 100 or so” people, he said. Washington expected around 1,000 to attend. He blames “divisions in Las Vegas” for the number of attendees, rather than family commitments on a holiday. But that number (and I think 100 people is pretty good, myself) did not deter his objective. “I got members of The Nation of Islam to come out, and that was good” he saud. “They were educated as to the problem and are now engaged.” The next step is the September 14th Las Vegas Stadium Authority Meeting, where Washington looks forward to the presentation of the long-awaited community benefits plan. As of this writing, that document is not part of the agenda for the meeting. Washington is in the process of securing a lawyer. If the community benefits plan does not include minority hiring goals and timetables, “We will have our alternative plan to present – and we'll go at it.” Stay tuned.


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