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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

FAA Determination Clears Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium After October 15, 2017

FAA Determination Clears Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium After October 15, 2017 - Video

FAA Determination Clears Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium After October 15, 2017 barring challenge. The Federal Aviation Administration reportedly “cleared the way” for the Oakland Raiders Las Vegas NFL Stadium to be built at the Russell Road and I-15 site on Dean Martin Drive site. But hold everything. The fine print reads as follows: “This determination is subject to review if an interested party files a petition that is received by the FAA onor before October 05, 2017. In the event a petition for review is filed, it must contain a full statement of thebasis upon which it is made and be submitted to the Manager, Airspace Policy & Regulation, Federal AviationAdministration, 800 Independence Ave, SW, Room 423, Washington, DC 20591.This determination becomes final on October 15, 2017 unless a petition is timely filed. In which case, thisdetermination will not become final pending disposition of the petition. Interested parties will be notified of thegrant of any review. For any questions regarding your petition, please contact Airspace Regulations & ATCProcedures Group via telephone -- 202-267-8783 - or facsimile 202-267-9328.” So really, the effective date is October 15, 2017 – more than a month away, and if a challenge has not been filed. Still not out of the woods. Expecially not from the perspective of the Airline Pilots Association. The Pilots Union, in the only public comment to date, said this: “The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) expressed concern that the artist's renderings and other media showing the design of the stadium depict a structure that is highly reflective during daytime, and brightly illuminated at night. Given that aircraft departing RWY 26R and on final approach to RWY 8L would be approximately one half nautical mile from the stadium while abeam it, the reflective qualities of the proposed stadium's materials would pose a serious safety hazard that could impact a flight crew's vision in a critical phase of flight, during daylight hours, while the high-intensity flood lights and large animated LED video displays could severely impact pilots' night vision and pose a safety hazard to night operations. ALPA also expressed concerns that activities such as fireworks displays or laser light shows, which are common elements of events held at NFL stadiums, could also have an adverse effect on safety for aircraft during critical phases of flight, as fireworks and lasers could potentially distract and blind pilots as they are taking off or attempting to land, and possibly cause permanent harm to pilots' eyesight. The FAA concurs that ALPA's concerns may be valid. However, they are outside the scope of the FAA's obstruction evaluation process, which is restricted to the physical effects the structure itself would have on Part 77 airspace surfaces; instrument and visual procedures; FAA radar, radio navigation and communications facilities; and radio and visual landing aids. Factors such as lighting, glare, plumes, projectiles and other concerns not related to the physical structure of the stadium are not considered in obstruction evaluations. Requests for fireworks, lasers, and other displays will be evaluated separately by the FAA's Air Traffic Organization on a case-by-case basis. Exterior lighting and signage designs should be coordinated with the Clark County Department of Aviation and airspace users prior to construction.”. Stay tuned.


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