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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Esai Morales Blasts Lies About SAG-AFTRA Meeting Attenance #SAGAFTRA

Esai Morales Blasts Lies About SAG-AFTRA Meeting Attenance #SAGAFTRA - Video

As famed actor Esai Morales (La Bamba) runs for President ofScreen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists or better known as SAG-AFTRA, and representing Membership First, opposition leaders consistently bring up the claim that he missed a lot of meetings during his time as vice president. Here, Esai powerfully debunks those lies that were mentioned in a post on the Deadline entertainment website. He says that the main job of the vice president is to back up the president, and is not one where you are required to be in a seat at a meeting. "This union was designed and created by WORKING ACTORS. You don't have to sit there and show up everyday" in person to a meeting. But Esai says that he was on the phone, and therefore in attendance - contrary to the lies that he was not. Then, Morales attacks the opposition by pointing out how the past president resigned and gave her seat to someone who was un-electable - which is why the election is being held now. Morales says that the past president did not physically show up to a meeting once, and then gave her seat to someone who could not be elected. Esai says "You want to mess with me, I'll mess with you back. But I'd rather keep our union on the same side, rather than fighting for each other." Stay tuned. PLEASE INVEST IN ZENNIE62MEDIA VIA PAYPALHERE: http://ift.tt/2u7j8De


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