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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Liked on YouTube: Celeste Guap Interview - Her Advice For Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf On Police Department

Celeste Guap Interview - Her Advice For Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf On Police Department - Video

Celeste Guap Interview - Her Advice For Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf On Police Department Celeste Guap is the young woman who has been at the center of a very sad story that started when she was but 16 years old. Ms Guap took up a relationship with an Oakland police officer she met while turning tricks as a prostitute working in Oakland and the East Bay. His name was Brendan O'Brien. In my 23 minute unedited video interview posted at Zennie62 on YouTube, Zennie62.com, and Oakland Focus Blog, to name the main outlets of Zennie62Media, Ms. Guap explained that their relationship was a romantic one. But that the encounter with him caused a series of sexual relationships with what she reports as 16 Oakland police officers, as well as 6 Richmond police officers, 4 Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies, 3 San Francisco police officers, and one officer each: a U.S. Military Defense Logistics Agency officer, a Contra Costa Sheriff's deputy, and a Livermore police officer. Some of the encounters were while she was 16, although the four Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies were cleared because she was 18 and no exchange of money was involved. What opened up the situation that Guap finds hereself in is that Officer O'Brien died September 25th, 2015. Officer O'Brien reportedly took his own life, and it's an act that Guap blames herself for. Celeste told me on video that she was in Puerto Rico and that she drunk-dialed the man she was in love with, O'Brien. But she says he did not answer her calls, but she could see he was on Facebook and making comments. She became upset that he was ignoring her, and then threatened to expose their relationship. Celeste Guap's Advice To Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf My objective in the interview was to talk to Ms. Guap and understand the experience from her point of view, and in a way that didn't have the sex-oriented presentation we have been presented with in the mainstream media. Celeste has been through enough to have an educated view of what's wrong with the Oakland Police Department and how to fix it – if anyone would ask her. When I asked her what she would tell Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf , Guap said, after a bit of pause to thought, that she would tell her that their needed to be a higher minimum age standard because the police were “too young” and that they were just bringing anyone in to be a cop. Guap also called for citizen oversight. (On the subject of youth, what we also talked about was how, at 16 and 17, Guap did have conversations with her officer sex partners about her being underage. They were on the average over 30, but would only tell her to “hurry up and turn 18.” There's more in the interview. For example, where one media outlet said that Guap told her she was still a street worker, Celeste told me she was a makeup artist. Overall, I think Celeste Guap can be a great elected official and can help spearhead police reform. Indeed, she also believes that prostitution should be legalized and sex-workers allowed to get registered. If that and the legalization of marijuana happens, we will see a sea change end in the kind of environment that caused Celeste Guap to wind up in the situation she found herself in. Stay tuned. Visit our blog Zennie62.com here: http://ift.tt/1d6iMwr


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