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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Liked on YouTube: Quick Cab Oakland Crazy Cab Driver To Avoid

Quick Cab Oakland Crazy Cab Driver To Avoid - Video

Ok, so I went to use a cab and not Uber or Lyft only because my iPhone ran out of power. So, I went over to the 13th and Broadway Cab Stand and saw a Friendly Cab Driver who has become a friend. It was not his turn to take me so I would up in a cab called "Quick Cab" cab number 151 red and white. The guy got me to my place but when I went to give him the fare of $8 I added $2 and tipped him. He insisted on giving me the money back but I said that wasn't necessary. So as I am walking away from the cab he throws the money at me. It fell to the ground - I picked it up. Forget using Quiick Cab. Or cabs in Oakland. I am done.


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