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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Games With Mayor Schaaf May Backfire #RaiderNation

Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Games With Mayor Schaaf May Backfire #RaiderNation - Video

Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders are playing a risky game with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who has skillfully courted a favorable relationship with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and some NFL Owners. The City, County, and Coliseum JPA heads have worked with the Raiders to come up with a formula but Mark Davis has seemingly tried to move the ball on them and get public money that really doesn't have to be used for the Raiders stadium. It seems the Raiders are going to file for relocation. Whether the NFL accepts the application is another story. In my spreadsheet I was able to carve out $2.7 billion in revenue for the Raiders. So I know a deal can be done and moreover lets get this out of the way: don't be a fool and think the Raiders have $500 million in their pocket for a stadium. I believed that when it was at $400 million but then I started doing the math myself and realized he was talking about money the stadium plan itself could generate. That was when I realized how much of a game this is. The Raiders seem to think people so don't understand stadium finance that they will not see the truth and for the most part they are right. Davis is betting he has the votes to move but a friend of mine who is a high level executive told me that no one has any idea what is going to happen in Houston. Mark is playing a dangerous game. With Raiders fans. With Mayor Schaaf. With the NFL. If he fails he has to return to Oakland with his tail between his legs. Why be in that position? Stay tuned.


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