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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fitness SF - FitnessSF Oakland Gym War On Straight Black Men #BlackLivesMatter mp4

Fitness SF - FitnessSF Oakland Gym War On Straight Black Men #BlackLivesMatter mp4 - Video

FitnessSF Oakland not good gym for Straight Black Men. FitnessSF terminated my 20-year FitnessSF Oakland gym membership Thursday, Aug 6th and frankly, I do not want it back. I was falsely accused of “following a certain woman around the gym” one day by whoever that women is (not the gym itself), and not continuously (and I say this openly), even though my friends at the gym served as witnesses and saying I did not do that and wasn’t near a woman but talking to them. I have zero idea who the woman is, and I don’t care who she is. But, as the video-blog above reveals, FitnessSF Oakland, SF Castro, Martin, South SF, harbor some members and staff who are hostile to straight black men. (And to put a fine point on it, I’m single, not married, so you can’t go there and say I’m in some place I should not be. Sorry.) I completely supported FitnessSF’s change from the Gold’s Gym brand to one of their own, and because the CEO of Gold’s Gym supported anti-gay organizations, but what has happened since the rebranding has been a wild set of developing social divisions between gays and straights and the addition of non-black women who exhibit paranoid behavior toward straight black men, and in some cases, men in general they perceive as straight. The latest story was of a man who said hello to a woman at FitnessSF Oakland, only to find himself at the receiving end of her fist. She hit him! For saying hello! This was told to me by two Latino brothers who are FitnessSF Oakland members. I’m happy I’m out of there but there’s something really wrong overall. As the gym manager, a friend who’s straight black and male, said to me today “You can’t even talk or say a thing any more” It’s a really scary place to be. Visit our blog Zennie62.com here: http://ift.tt/1d6iMwr


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