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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CNN Poll July 2015: Hillary Clinton 51, Jeb Bush 46; Bush Over Trump In August

CNN Poll July 2015: Hillary Clinton 51, Jeb Bush 46; Bush Over Trump In August - Video

CNN is making a lot out of their August 2015 Opinion Research Poll, reporting that Donald Trump is within "striking distance" of Hillary Clinton with 45 percent in the poll of just over 1,000 people, where Clinton has 51 percent. Aside from the fact that the poll calls more landline users than cellphone users by design, and by a constant ratio of roughly 600 to 400 in the poll data I've looked at for this year thus far, the more shocking news is that in July, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was a point closer to Clinton. That's right. In the July 2015 CNN / Opinion Research Poll, the pollsters asked the same question to registered voters and comparing Clinton and Bush. The result: Hillary Clinton 51 percent to Jeb Bush 46 percent. So I then checked to determine if CNN had reported that Bush was so close to Clinton, and they had not done so. Moreover, an honest report by CNN would have said that while Trump was close to Clinton, he's still not as close as Bush was in July. Look at the poll date yourself: July Poll Data: Page 76 of 92 for Bush and Page 78 of 92 for Trump (registered voters) http://ift.tt/1IlTF4C August Poll Data: Page 60 of 67 for Bush and Page 63 of 67 for Trump (registered voters) http://ift.tt/1JhVpAW Do you see? Time to call Jeb Bush and tell him the news. CNN has a lot of explaining to do. Are they in the tank for Donald Trump, and if so, why? And why not just report the news, let alone survey voters in a way that reflect the fact that just as many people and voters use cell phones as land-lines. There's is a real difference between landline users and their more liberal cell phone counterparts. That's the way the country is turning - not reflecting that in a poll makes the poll questionable. There's an "out" that CNN would use regarding "likely" voters and trying to capture their views, but even then how this was done just looks bad. The question is this: is Hillary Clinton's chance to be a game-changer in that she's the first woman that can win the White House as exciting to voters as when Barack Obama had the chance to become the first black president? Stay tuned.


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