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Saturday, March 21, 2015

On Blacks In Tech, Tech808 Oakland And Mitch Kapor

On Blacks In Tech, Tech808 Oakland And Mitch Kapor - Video

I just read the USA Today article about Tech808 Oakland and Mitch Kapor. The news presents the idea that there are not blacks in tech and many are ignored by Silicon Valley. Well the truth is we are here but we are ignored even by our own folks. I started Oakland's first blog in 2004 and started the first Oakland YouTube Partner Channel in 2008. I run two companies and was introduced to Mr Kapor two years ago. I emailed and called and yet Mitch never got back to me. I am black too. I totally resent the impression given that a black person has to look hip hop to be considered 'a minority', yet that is the message Mitch and Tech808 sends out. The truth is that rappers have gained access to Silicon Valley much faster than the norm for not just blacks and Latinos but whites too. The game of gaining investors is hard and you have to talk to everyone. But it is harder still when we as blacks and Latinos ignore each other and folks like Mitch only focus on young blacks who fit a stereotype. Just saying.




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