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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chateaugay Camp New York Offers Robotics

Chateaugay Camp offers robotics? Yes!

Robotics is a passion of many today, and I suppose it's the logical byproduct of geek culture. But that said, 'being geek' has only become mainstream of late. Thus, it's hard to find a place where such things as robotics are available to do, especially for your kids when considering summer camp.

After some research, we found a summercamp called Chateaugay that offered robotics as one of their activities.

Chateaugay Camp changes this state of affairs. Now kids in New York have a place to go and practice making robots and rockets, too.

But what is Chateaugay Camp, anyway?

Chateaugay Camp is based in New York, located in the New York Adirondacks and boasts of an incredible collection of Summer Camp Programs for teens and kids.

One of those activities is the rocketry and robotics program. Of the program, Chateaugay Camp says you can:

Learn the laws of rocket stability, recovery systems, and aerodynamics.  Campers will build a variety of rockets and participate in daily launches.  Build your own rocket each week and prepare for countdown as we launch yours over 150 feet in the air.

For more on Chateaugay Camp and robotics, click here: Chateaugay Camp New York Offers Robotics


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