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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Miriam West art to wear + Politics NYC by Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy wearing only Miriam West art!!!!!!!

Miriam West has an amazing series of art work addressing issues that have great depth.... I admired her and her partner Tony's art work and their strength to continue on the fight as Artists to express their 1st Amendment Rights!!!!

Miriam understand how much her art piece based on Seneca's quote meant to me so she gave me this stunningly beautiful necklace that is about "Time".   You have to click on the photo to see here art!     So amazing to me because it is so super charged and  I wear her artist's statement over my heart!  

I am also wearing the Gandhi Necklace that both she and Tony worked on and wear.  I love it and I love the Gandhi Sculpture so much as do so many New Yorkers and visitors to this great city!!!!

Special note to my loyal blog readers:  In the interview with Miriam I ask her to tell me about one of her unique art works with clocks in it.  She responds the title of the work is "Time Discovers Truth" the quote by Seneca.

This was very significant for me.   I have more news and I am not posting on the blog.  A "special" email went out and phone calls were made.   Time does discover truth and the key is patience.   Anyone following my blog knows what the theme and perhaps the context...

My interview with Tony!


My interview with Miriam West!!!!


This is Miriam West's YouTube Channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/mnkwest
Google Miriam West to learn more about her.  She has a Squirrel Book on Amazon!!! She loves them and she makes beautiful squirrel pins along with assemblage art...art boxes with meanings,  not just pretty boxes!

Her book is called "Squirrels are People too"


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